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life as spiritual practice


Living life as spiritual practice means that no part of life is exempt from being sacred. It is an animistic view and a holistic view. Everything is connected, everything is relevant, nothing is entirely separate from each other. The microcosm affects the macrocosm, the macrocosm affects the microcosm. Living in knowledge and practice of that is a wild and intuitive lifestyle that has the opportunity for so much healing and wellbeing because nothing is left out in this philosophy: from the hardest moments to the greatest successes, from the smallest joys to the grandest battles, all is holy.

Introducing: Me

I’m Rebecca, and this is my little corner of the internet. This will all get filled in more in time, but for now, here’s a little bit about me. If I had to choose a symbol for myself, I rarely hesitate to choose a tree: it often feels like I have many branches reaching in all directions, and those branches are fed by just as many roots.

I am a mother of a wild, loving, silly, creative, intense, assertive Aries ADHD child. I am a witch, having taken on the title officially in 2006 but I will admit that I’ve always seen the world from an animistic, magical mindset. I am a wife - a more recent title, and one I am still getting used to. I am also a writer, but not a very good one because I can’t ever seem to be consistent with my actual writing; I consider myself a writer because I am a lover of words. I swallow them up, and sometimes I spill them up, and I call what comes out poetry (the poem in the image below is an original of mine). I am also a compulsive book buyer, a college student, soon-to-be certified addiction and abuse recovery counselor (C.A.R.C.; my certification is program complete May 2022 after two long years of study and practice), and an aspiring container gardener.

In terms of what I'll be posting here, it will be organized according to the topics above. There will be my personal blog, which is self explanatory and will likely have much of my writing, as well as diary-like entries. Beyond that, each page of this website - witchcraft + paganism, parenting, and personal growth - will all have articles and tutorials according to the topics. By clicking the "writing" link, you'll actually be rerouted to the poetry books I've written and that are available for purchase on I'm looking forward to really fleshing out this website in the coming months. If you would like to contact me, you can do so via my tumblr, linked below.

At the Crossroads of Life and Death (tumblr)

Neocities makes me think of the first time I got on the internet, all those years ago, when it was still a place of unmitigated self-expression. I used to adore being on the internet, exploring, meeting people, writing, and more. Over time, the oppressive algorithms of social media and search engines made it more and more of an emotionally difficult place to be, with Tumblr being the last hold out against much of that culture. It was thanks to Tumblr I discovered Neocities, and I am so excited to find joy in the internet again.